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Atlantic Canada Rescue is interested in Transparency

The volunteers and individuals involved with Atlantic Canada Rescue are committed to saving and rehabilitating homeless and abandoned animals - and we're also committed to transparency and full disclosure on the part of our volunteers AND the shelters and organizations we work with - so that we can all come together in an atmosphere of complete honesty and trust in each other's committment, love, and dedication to the cause.

What you'll find on our website

You'll find lots of information about local rescue efforts in Atlantic Canada - along with information about what to look for when you're trying to find out about how to look for a reputable rescue, and also how to try and educate others about how to find out about rescues in their communities.

All the dogs on this page have found a home, but there's LOTS who still need one. Go to our adoption page to find out more about them!!!  



We are a newly formed group of people who have been doing rescue, volunteering with rescue organizations, working at rescues, shelters, and are people interested in helping animals - and we are striving to help animals in need throughout Atlantic Canada in a responsible way so that there is full disclosure on the part of the person who wants to help the animal - and on the part of the shelter or rescue who wants to adopt out the animal to the individual wanting to take an animal home. We also want to offer help so you can find resources for searching out the best kind of trainers, education, where all the rescues are in Atlantic Canada, what fun events are coming up - and why it really IS better to save a life than BUY your companion animals.

It's a tall order - but we think if you'll give us a couple minutes and click through a couple pages - we'll have you convinced! We'll also share some stories of animals that have been helped locally - and also a page of pet memorial pages - because when you're responsible about your pet - you also have to think about the end of their life too - it's also a part of their journey.

What is 2009 going to bring Nova Scotia in the way of the humane treatment of companion animals in Nova Scotia?  Only we can know for sure by the actions we take, the work we do, and the education we put out and the people we talk to - we want the world to be a better place - for ourselves, AND our animals.  We are living in such an advanced and beautiful world in the 21st century that suffering really does not need to be happening so much - let's make our little world here as wonderful as we know it can be. 



If you like what you see - and you're interested in joining us - then do!

Our organization is just in it's infancy - if you are involved in rescue in your community in Atlantic Canada and are interested in networking - then you should join us.   More...


This is Rocky who was rescued by Lois in New Brunswick!